Who should attend?

Anyone interested in helping their church or community become more resilient in a disaster-ridden world should join us. Many leaders from organizations that work alongside churches and communities facing disasters attend. The conference is also a great place to network with those involved in disaster ministry, humanitarian aid, and emergency management.


Is this HDI’s first Disaster Ministry Conference?

No. We are excited to be in our fifth year! We are already busy working on our 2018 conference. More details to come.


Is there any advantage to registering early?

Yes. There is a discounted fee for those meeting the early bird deadline (please see the registration page). 


Are on-campus accommodations available?

Yes. We have a block of on-campus rooms reserved for conference participants that participants can reserve and pay for on the conference registration page. Our past participants have told us this is the most convenient and cost-effective accommodations option offered.

On-campus accommodation description:

Fischer Hall is located at 600 East Harrison Avenue. Rooms are arranged in suites with a bathroom between each two rooms. Bathroom doors do not lock. Guest would need to work out a system of knocking with their suite mates. Most rooms contain single beds, two desks, two dressers, closet space, and a window.  A laundry room is located on the lower level. A television, recreational equipment, and snack machines are located on the lower level. All floors have a lounge on each wing. Access to living areas on each floor is computer-controlled; accessibility is only through use of a keycard issues at check-in. 


Are there any hotel options available?

There are also several hotels in the area. Please note the hotels in the area are all driving distance only.  You can find out more about other options by visiting the college’s Travel Portal.


What are the dining options like?

Participants are responsible for purchasing their own meals while at the conference. Costs of meals are not included in the conference expenses. Meals can be purchased at the college dining room. Please be sure to check back closer to the conference for update on campus dining room menus, hours, and rates. There are also numerous dining options within in walking distance in nearby downtown Wheaton.


Do we get a book with our registration fee?

Yes. All participants will receive a copy of our very own Dr. Jamie Aten’s and Dr. David Boan’s Disaster Ministry Handbook. *


Which airport should I use?

 Wheaton is accessible from either O'Hare International Airport (ORD) or Midway (MDW). O'Hare is slightly closer. Find more information on directions and transportation to/from the airports and Wheaton College here.


Will Continuing Education credits be offered?

Continuing Education credits (CEs) for mental health professionals will be available for selected workshops and plenary sessions. Please reference the schedule to see which workshops and plenary sessions qualify. 


Can you tell me more about the Humanitarian Disaster Institute (HDI)?

In an effort to strategically prepare for the unthinkable, and aid the vulnerable in the midst of the rising tide of relief and development challenges, Wheaton College established the Humanitarian Disaster Institute (HDI). The first U.S. faith-based academic research center to focus on disasters, HDI has a two-fold mission: to study faith and mental health amid disasters and humanitarian crises, and to apply these findings to help congregations and faith-based organizations cultivate resilience and flourishing despite adversity. We currently have research, training, and capacity-building projects active all over the globe. To learn more visit us at www.wheaton.edu/HDI.


How can I stay in touch with HDI?

You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Also be sure to sign up for our blog and email list (live link).  


How can my organization become a conference sponsor?

If you would like to find out more about being one of our conference sponsors please contact our Conference Sponsor Coordinator here


Who do I contact if I still have more questions?

For conference related questions please contact us at: hdi.registration@wheaton.edu.



*Though not expected, if there is a delay in the book’s release a substitute title will be chosen by our staff as a replacement title.